Washing instructions

What is played with sometimes gets dirty. Here are some tips to clean the Petit Cato products again.

Pacifier cords and rattles

Pacifier cords and rattles can be rinsed under running water. Let them dry thoroughly before using them again.

Teethers with ears

With the teethers with ears, the ears can come off the ring. Rinse the ring under running water. Carefully wash the ears in soapy water with some wool detergent or baby shampoo. Rinse the ears under running water.


The dolls are filled with sheep wool. As a result, they cannot go in the washing machine. If a doll has become somewhat dirty, wash the doll with a cloth and some wool detergent or baby shampoo. When doing this, rub in the thread direction of the fabric, otherwise the fabric may become unsightly. After washing, rinse the doll under running water. Try to do this so that the doll does not get wet through and through, but only has a washed skin. If a doll is really very dirty, you can make some soapy water with a little wool detergent or baby shampoo to let the doll soak in it well. Squeezing the doll also allows the detergent to reach the filling well. After washing, rinse the doll under running water. Again, it helps to squeeze the doll to remove all the dirt and detergent. If the doll is still too wet after squeezing it out, you can spin it. Roll up the doll tightly in a pillowcase and close the package with a piece of string or elastic. Centrifuge briefly and at low speed.


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