Cuddly dolls

In contrast to the rag doll and the cradle doll, the cuddly toy is already slightly more detailed in its shape. Besides the head, the cuddly toy also clearly has hands and feet, but a very soft and cuddly body. The head, hands and feet are made of cotton doll jersey, and filled with washed sheep's wool. I make the body of the cuddly toy from bamboo-cotton fleece.

Bamboo-cotton fleece is a fabric that is composed of cotton along with bamboo. One side of the fabric resembles a terry cloth, and the other side is a very soft fleece fabric. I also use this soft side for the body on the outside of the cuddly toys. The fabric is very soft, but the fabric is also slightly firmer than, for example, nicky velour, or jogging fabric. This results in a soft, but nice sturdy doll.

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